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By Kaylee_Reaver


Want to play in a LARP? Come to the LARP Room! Curious about LARP but have never played?

Come on over! Don’t really know what a LARP is? LARP stands for “live action role play” – similar to a tabletop RPG, but players act out instead of describing what their characters do. It’s essentially organized play pretend, and lots of fun. Some LARPs are funny, some LARPs are serious, and in the LARP Room, players get to choose!

The LARP Room will be a space for new and experienced LARPers to play short freeform LARPs. LARPs will be chosen from The Golden Cobra annual anthologies, the #Feministing nano-game anthology, as well as other sources. Some LARPs will be chosen ahead of time and scheduled, others will be decided on-site to accommodate player interest and numbers.

Console Video Gaming

Are you having the urge to game! Maybe some Halo or Call of Duty or maybe just have a hankering for some Mario Kart? The Video game room is your place. We have retro games and consoles from the NES to newer game systems like the Wii U! There will be tournaments for all sorts of games with fun prizes! Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Tekken, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Pokemon, Halo, and many more! A collection of video game gems to play for all! All are welcome to part take is so video gaming delights! Just remember to respect the games and the console!

Board Gaming

Can you Carcassonne? Have you settled Catan? Did you build all 7 Wonders?

Do you want to?

At Girl Gamer Gathering we welcome all players to learn, play, and join us for a weekend of board games. We’ll have demo’s and events all weekend, as well as tournaments. There will also be opportunities to meet and play with the creators of some of your favorite games.

PC Video Games

If you want to have fun we are having a tournament 4×4 League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, for the finish Diablo, World of Warcraft, and some classic PC games to relax the mode as well as free play pc games. At the end there will be winners tournaments.


Tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons let you play the part of a dashing rogue, powerful sorceress, mighty warrior, or saintly priest in a cooperative game run by a dungeon master. We’ll be playing TTRPGs all weekend long, featuring learn-to-play D&D Adventurers League sessions for beginners and plenty of other RPGs. If you’ve ever been curious about the roleplaying game hobby or if you want to get back into it after years away, here’s your chance!


Have you ever wanted to be a wizard and cast spells, summon monsters? Control cute chibi figures collide as you roll their fate with dice? Catch Pokemons and create a team! Come in to Collectibles and find out how!

These types of games are relatively new and are every bit as popular as older games. Everything from fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes to historical and horror are presented. Collectible miniatures include various games that deal with collecting plastic prepainted miniatures and playing them on mapboards. Collectible miniatures include Star Trek Attack Wing and Star Wars X-Wing, among others. Tradeable Card Games are generally easy to play, but are not always easy to master. They offer a degree of creativity and strategy unique to this genre. You build a deck from a variety of cards available to each game and hope that your deck has the edge to win! Magic: the Gathering & Pokemon are just a sampling of the many card games available for play.

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