Dealers “Hall” at GGG 1

By Kaylee_Reaver

The convention will be 1-3 April 2016. The plan is to have a handful of carefully selected dealers with their “shops” set up in hotel guest rooms between our main function area and the con suite.

Dealers would have the option of keeping a bed in the room and sleeping there, or having beds removed and tables brought in.

You would make your hotel reservation, for at least Friday and Saturday nights, and pay for it yourself, and then pay the convention $70 to be placed in the correct room. That price would also include your first two badges.

Our suggested operating hours are 12:00-6:00 / 10:00-6:00 / 10:00-4:00, but the dealer would set their actual hours contingent on which days you have the room booked. If you want to stay open late, or re-open after a dinner break, it will be your choice.

Interested in applying? Click here for application form.

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